2 de Noviembre 2007

everybody rocking!!! (mac experience)

it's here.

after my longest afternoon, my macbook designed in Cupertino, California by Apple is in my hands.

at 20.30h i went to airport to pick it, i was waiting all afternoon that the employer who must bring it to my home didn't appear. (this is too much GEEK mr Jake?)

After the Leopard was installed, i prepared the macbook to support WinXP (I need some applications, only runs by windows). When de installation is finished and I had a two SO, the next step was made a wifi installation.

With Leopard i hadn't any problem to connect to the new wifi net that i installed, but with winXP... finally i found the way to connect winXP to home wifi's net.

Now all mac experience is at 100% and i'm very happy with my macbook. It's really just I need. I still need to discover leopard system deeply, but it's very easy to work.

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Lo que dicen

Yes, the force is strong with that one...

Posted by: jbmdo on 8 de Noviembre 2007 a las 11:54 PM

Darth Vader always be here...

Posted by: Sainthropee on 8 de Noviembre 2007 a las 11:45 PM

The Macbook looks great...
But I'm sure you'll miss the sound and the "Darth Vader" looks of your old computer ;)

Posted by: jbmdo on 8 de Noviembre 2007 a las 11:39 PM
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