10 de Febrero 2010

I love music

Yeah I really love music. I like jazz, blues, indie, pop, rock, instrumental, BSO's, etc. I go to sleep with music and I wake up with music from the mobile phone. Probably I use music for lot of things (going to walk, writing, sport, studying, travel, driving), sure is easier explain what I don't do with music.

I usually eat with TV, although I made dinner before and wash up the plates with music. Another thing I do without music is swimming, probably because of not having an equipment for that I don't swim too much, only if the swimming pool has ambient music. When I see a football match in TV if I tired of listen the speakers I turn on my favourite jazz's program, but normally I begin listening the speakers.

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Lo que dicen

si tio, cuando los de carrusel se ponen muy pesados me pongo el programa del Cifuentes de Radio3, que casualmente lo hacen de 22a00h (cuando llevas desde las 18 escuchando carrusel, a las 22h puede estar un poco aburrido segun quien este)

Posted by: Sainthropee on 10 de Febrero 2010 a las 12:28 PM

¿Escuchas jazz viendo el fútbol? Joer, yo si no es el Carrusel Deportivo, ná...

Posted by: Jake on 10 de Febrero 2010 a las 10:47 AM
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